Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Orly Nail Defense

I've always had thin, soft nails.  They grow out ok, but are relatively weak because they easily bend, tear, break, and peel.  I hate peeling the most because it happens most often and weakens my nails the most.  Over the years, I've tried different nail hardeners, but didn't have much luck.  Then I came across Orly Nail Defense.  The package states NAIL DEFENSE is protein-enriched to fortify weak nails.  Bonds Nail layers together, and seals the nail to prevent breakage.  DIRECTIONS:  Apply as a basecoat and topcoat.  Can be used with ORLY nail lacquer or alone as a clear polish.  Reapply every other day.  As nails improve, apply every 3-4 days.  Use with CUTICLE CARE COMPLEX for stronger, healthier nails in 10 days.
I almost followed the directions exactly.  The first few days, I just wore it alone and reapplied every other day.  Then I decided to paint a french manicure, but I used Sally Hansen polish instead of Orly.  I did not use the Cuticle Care Complex, either.  After two weeks I noticed some of my nails were slightly stronger, except...
OMG a chip!  Well, it's a chip in the polish, not my nail. But upon closer inspection...
OK, so these pictures were taken with my phone (and my camera is not that much better), but you can see there is a little nick in the nail.  It's actually beginning to peel.  Disappointing.

Hopefully I'll see better results after a month.  If not, I'll probably use up the bottle, but not repurchase.

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