Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... so i got more Venmous Villains stuff

So after I got my paycheck, I decided to visit the MAC counter again and see what was left over for me to buy.  I was surprised that they still had some Maleficent stuff left over.  In my other post, I said that I decided to skip over the Bad Spell lip gloss, thinking that it would be too similar to my Moistly lipgelee.  I was WRONG!  I swatched it at the counter and saw that it was more opaque than Moistly.  It is a dark, deep, blackberry/plum color with shimmer.  I honestly don't want to say "berry" or "plum" because I feel those colors are usually associated with a little red tint to them (like Moistly), but that's not the case here.  i really see it more as a black-purple color.

MAC Venomous Villains Lipglass in Wrong Spell
(the sparkles and the flash make the color seem lighter than how it really is)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PacSun coupon code

I'm a shopaholic.  It's kind of terrible.  And I subscribe to websites that announce sales and stuff, which is probably the worst enabler ever.  But i've been pretty good by not buying too much.  Today, I must say that I was still thrifty.  I got the PacSun Daily Deal email and today's deal was a crocheted back fly-open vest for $6 and I definitely wanted to buy it.  while at the website, I purchased a few other tops that were on sale for around the same price.  Then at the end of the check out, i noticed the promo code box, and decided to google if there was a code for me to save even MORE money.  I landed on and used the 15% off coupon: em6wel10

and it worked!  according to the site, that code was posted 3 months ago, and it still worked for me today.  this is my first time using a code from so i look forward to finding more savings through them in the future.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Disney's Venomous Villains

... because i'm sure everyone else is doing the same thing...

So this is what i can afford as of now, because I did a poor job in saving up for the collection's release.  I got things that I knew I definitely wanted, and then some things that the MUA put on me that i liked.  I know I want more (actually, I seriously want everything just for the packaging), but I'm nowhere near rich enough to buy everything, nor am I popular enough to be receiving any of these things for free (and i'm totally jealous of those who do. *turns Maleficent*).  I really wonder how long these products will last in the stores, since a lot is already sold out online.  I'm sure the Maleficent things will go quickly.  As you can see, I'm more partial to the Evil Queen.  I actually really liked her collection best, aside from the fact that she's my favorite villain of the four.

Mean & Green
Mean & Green
So, I guess it's swatch time.  I'll start with the nail polish (all from Maleficent collection) because I'm actually wearing it right now.  I tried on all three at the store.  They're nice, but I think the coolest one was Mean & Green.  First, I just want to say that it does not look like the swatch posted on the M.A.C. Cosmetics website.  On the site it looks like a dark black/purple, but it's actually more yellow green and red when on the nails.  It also has a nice duochrome effect to it.  It is described as "purple with teal multi-changing pearl," but I kind of see it the other way around.  The reason why I say that is because one coat looks like a sheer, diluted olive green color with purple glitter... Then again, maybe it was a trick of the eye and lighting, which is kind of the point, lol.  Bottom line, the key colors here are the reddish purple and yellowish green.  Two coats makes it look like the bottle.  As for the texture of the polish, it dries pretty smooth to the touch.  But on close inspection, it looks a little chunky (because of the glitter) and streaky.  Like I said before, it's kind of like thin, diluted nail polish with a shitload of glitter (or is it crushed pearl?) poured into it.  I also picked this color because in natural light [i know my pictures don't do it justice] it looks very similar to Orly's Space Cadet nail polish from their Cosmic FX Collection (

LIPS.  Two lipsticks and two lip glosses.  Sinister has a lustre finish, but again, the "swatch" on the MAC site is different from actual application.  (I think they just scrape clumps of the product before it is manufactured into a lipstick tube).  The description is true, "soft brown plum" (maybe a hint of a cappuccino color, too), but i was very surprised as to how sheer it looked when I applied it.  In my picture, i actually had to add some layers so that the color actually shows up.  At first i wasn't feeling it, but it is a nice, neutral everyday color, which really is a great addition to my collection of reds and purples.
L to R: Sinister, Toxic Tale, Revenge is Sweet, Resort Life
Toxic Tale is a satin finish bright coral.  I've been meaning to get myself a coral lipstick, and i'm happy it comes in an Evil Queen tube.  I wanted to buy each character, so I got Maleficent's Revenge is Sweet, which looks really good on top of both lipsticks I bought (I initially wanted to buy Wrong Spell but when I saw it in person, it looked very similar to Moistly Lipgelee that I already have).  And I knew I definitely wanted Dr. Facilier's Resort Life I didn't even bother testing it at the counter. Very pretty brown/pink champagne color, but be forewarned: VERY SPARKLY! I tried to wipe off this swatch with a wet paper towel, but it spread the sparkles everywhere!

The two eyeshadows I bought were Cruella De Vil's Sweet Joy and the Evil Queen's Vainglorious.  Sweet Joy is a soft, pale gold color with a nice frost to it.  Vainglorious, as the MAC site states, is a bronzed burgundy.  With these eyeshadows, what you see in the pan is actually what you get with application.  But thats almost an understatement with the Bite of an Apple blush.  I'm going to have to disagree with MAC's "swatch" and their description of soft coral pink.  It is bright as hell.  It was another one of my "definite buys" I had planned and I'm so happy I have it.  At the counter, one woman was pretty intimated by the color, thinking that it would be too clowny.  Luckily, I am a big fan of Carmindy (, who says that bright blushes applied with a very fluffy brush looks very natural and is easiest to blend (if blending is necessary).  It's a great vibrant color (sorry my untrue picture doesn't do it justice), but may take some getting used to if you usually don't use brighter colors.

So overall I kinda love the collection.  I feel like the Maleficent and Evil Queen collections are obviously inspired from the characters.  As I said before, the key colors for Maleficent are purple and green, but also hints of sparks and smokiness that coincides with the fact that she is a mystical (dark) fairy.  The colors from the Evil Queen actually looks like makeup she wears, especially the eyeshadow, which I want to buy hopefully in the near future.  The Cruella collection looks like natural colors for the everyday woman.  I'm sure I could find plenty of dupes for the eyeshadow I bought.  In fact, one of Cruella shadows is the permanent Carbon color.  The MUA and I were discussing how we wish we saw a green like they eyeshadow she wears.  But the red lip colors were nice, so I'm hoping to buy those, too.  The Dr. Facilier collection doesn't necessarily match the character, but I think it would be too similar to Maleficent.  Never the less, I LOVE the lip gelee I have, and maybe I'll pick up some of that Magically Cool Liquid Powder just because I still don't know exactly what it is and I want to experiment with it.  The rest of his collection contain a lot of permanent colors or "old" colors, (ie: Brash and Bold.  I believe that was part of another collection because I already have that pigment in the old packaging.)  These colors also seem seasonal.  The nailpolish is definitely a great color for the fall, which is why I was so excited to wear it right away.  The coral colors I have will probably be my summer go-to colors.  I really hope to get more, if they're not sold out already.