Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disney Villains Designer Collection cosmetics

I'm sure I've made it quite clear that I'm a bit of a Disney fan.  Well, the Disney Villains Designer Collection has been released for a few weeks now.  Love it.

Of course I picked up a whole bunch of crap, but I wanted to share my excitement over the cosmetics.  Normally, I like going into full detail about these things, but I think a short and sweet summary is sufficient:  What you see is what you get.

I just swatched them and amazed by just one swipe.  The nail polish and lip glosses are so highly pigmented, that the color on your nails/lips look exactly like the color in the bottle.

I cannot say the same thing for the eyeshadows, but they also have a good color payoff.  The eyeshadow palette also comes with a pencil eyeliner that actually works quite well.

No pictures now.  I will probably update later.  Bottom line: surprisingly impressed with the collection, and will most likely use them often that I'll have to get myself some second and third backups.