Monday, September 20, 2010

lovin' my Lovebug Lenses

I ordered a pair of contact lenses from and I wanted to talk about them, especially the customer service.

Straight up, I am a contact lens n00b.  I do wear prescribed glasses, but when I asked my doctor about contacts, he told me that my prescription is not strong enough to need contact lenses.  He even said that I can even drive without my glasses.  So, I never got a contacts prescription and never explored the world of contact lenses.  Then I learned how easy it is to order contact lenses online.
Disclaimer: It is very important to consult an optometrist and get a proper prescription for contact lenses.  Even if you have good vision and don't wear glasses, but want non-prescription (zero power) colored lenses, you need a prescription for correct sizing and such.
That being said, I did take a great risk and went ahead against recommendations and ordered my first pair of contact lenses. They are non-prescription, so I still wear my glasses over them, lol.  I've been wearing them for about a week now and starting to get the hang of them.

I apologize for the poor quality picture.  My camera is ancient and I'm not a good photographer so I don't have any concept of lighting, shutter speed, filter, etc...

I'm wearing the Gemstone Collection Pink lenses.  They are GEO brand, which I believe is one of the leading colored contact lens brands, and come with an authentication code.  As I said before, this is my first time wearing contact lenses, my brother (who wears contacts) had to teach me how to put them in. The first time I tried them on, it felt very awkward, like I had something in my eye.  It also looked blurry for a little bit, until it moved around into the correct place.  I did my research before hand, and I knew that these experiences I had were indications that the lenses may not be a proper fit, thus reiterating the importance of seeing an optometrist for a sizing and prescription.  After a week, however, I did get used to them, and now it does not feel like something is stuck in my eye, and I almost never see the blurriness I saw before.  
As for how they look, I love them!  They make my eyes look interesting, and it's not an obvious "omg my eyes are pink," but more of a subtle change of color.  I've worn them out at night, and my friends barely notice, but in brighter lighting situations, they do a double take.  I also noticed a very slight enlarging effect on my eyes.  I've read about other people saying that these lenses didn't make their eyes look larger, but it did a little bit for me.

OK, so enough about the contacts themselves, let me talk about Lovebug Lens.  AWESOME!!!  The website is neat, organized, and easy to order from.  The customer service is excellent.  Here's my story:
I did not order the pink lenses at first.  I actually ordered a different color, but they were on back-order, which  meant that I would just have to wait longer for them to come in.  I didn't mind because they state that they receive shipments every week.  After a couple of weeks, the website announced that there were some issues with their supplier, and will no longer have any items on back-order and will clear out their inventory.  The lenses I ordered were not listed on the site, so I was naturally concerned about my order.  I went on the Facebook Fanpage (which gets updated frequently), and just posted a general question about what happens when something was back-ordered but is no longer listed on the website.  Then, they found my exact order and messaged me apologizing for not having my contact lenses available.  They did offer if I wanted to receive a different pair, or if I wanted a refund.  I opted for the pink lenses, and they were shipped the next day via USPS with a tracking number (inexpensive shipping to the US).  I waited over weekend for them (Fri-Mon), which is fast. 
I would definitely order from them again in the future.
... and I lived happily ever after with my new lenses

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