Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Review of In The Loop Bath Gift

Originally submitted at Fortune Cookie Soap

For a limited time, brought back by an overwhelming demand!!! That famous loop cereal and milk, that was a constant breakfast in our house ��� wasn't it foryou?  Why not bring the kid backinto your life and your skin and wash your sins clear with the brand new in theloop fortune cookie soa...

add this to the tally: FRUIT LOOPS!

By Stina from NJ on 5/7/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Cleans Effectively, Good Value, Pleasant Smell, Gentle, cute

Cons: Not moisturizing, Difficult To Use

Best Uses: Daily Use, Showers, Baths, Display

Definitely smells like delicious Fruit Loops cereal! It looks cute, too. However, one of the loops fell off on the first day of use (just a minuscule disappointment). This is my first FCS, and I found the shape to be awkward to use in order to get a good lather. I did experience a little "drying" effect too, after washing (even though the ingredients have moisturizing properties). It cleans off excess dirt and oils from your hands, and should have antimicrobial properties as well (unfortunately, I don't have the lab equipment to test that, but I'll believe it, lol). Most things about the soap is pretty good, but the smell just makes it AWESOME!


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