Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... so i got more Venmous Villains stuff

So after I got my paycheck, I decided to visit the MAC counter again and see what was left over for me to buy.  I was surprised that they still had some Maleficent stuff left over.  In my other post, I said that I decided to skip over the Bad Spell lip gloss, thinking that it would be too similar to my Moistly lipgelee.  I was WRONG!  I swatched it at the counter and saw that it was more opaque than Moistly.  It is a dark, deep, blackberry/plum color with shimmer.  I honestly don't want to say "berry" or "plum" because I feel those colors are usually associated with a little red tint to them (like Moistly), but that's not the case here.  i really see it more as a black-purple color.

MAC Venomous Villains Lipglass in Wrong Spell
(the sparkles and the flash make the color seem lighter than how it really is)

 I also wanted to buy the Cooling Liquid Powder to try it out and see WTF is this liquid powder shit...  The MUA said to apply it as a highlighter and suggested I buy the Cajun shade.  I have to admit that the shade is a bit scary at first because it looks so dark in the pot, but it actually goes on pretty sheer.  There is that hint of shimmer, so it does illuminate.  As you can see in the picture, in combination with my camera flash, the color in the pot looks much lighter than what it really is.

When you apply it with a large powder brush, it actually does feel like a cool liquid!  However, I would recommend using a light hand with it, because it can become a little clumpy.  These two swatches of the powder are down with a small eyeshadow brush and with my finger.  Naturally, the finger application was a little clumpier, but the brush application still had some clumps with it.  It is a nice finishing powder, so I'll continue using it.

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